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Selected Clients We Have Promoted: – A political activist group, for which Hanania has coordinated vigils against the war in Iraq. Hanania has also coordinated focus groups to help lobby for more secure voting machines and for a cleaner environment, and promoted TV and radio coverage of this on KNBC-TV and KNX news radio, as well as in the Los Angeles Times.

Santa Monica Tennis Club – Writes and edits the online newsletter and website at Also writes and places ads in local media.

Smiser Freight Service – A California trucking company whose logo includes mules pulling a freight wagon. Hanania initiated statewide mule-on-the-move freight delivery service as “back up” in case of a gas shortage. This landed client Samuel Smiser on the front pages of the San Diego Tribune. the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Francisco Examiner. Hanania also landed Smiser on the front page of the Los Angeles Times features section, as well as in the San Jose Mercury-News, the Sacramento Bee, and on the six o’clock news of all three network affiliates in San Diego, and other media.

California Water Resources Association – A federation of state water agencies including The Metropolitan Water District and the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power. Hanania wrote Op-Ed opinion articles promoting state water development for papers such as the Bakersfield Californian, and booked water officials on TV talk shows. He also wrote and produced “Without Water,” a six minute sci-fi film promoting water conservation, which aired in full, or as a 60-second public service announcement on TV stations statewide in English and Spanish.

Mr. Keene, Tracer of Lost Persons - Client Lloyd Shulman, aka “Mr. Keene,” specializes in reuniting lost lovers, friends, and family. Hanania promoted “Mr. Keene” onto the NBC network news and into People Magazine. These led to the Aaron Spelling TV series, “Finder of Lost Loves,” starring Anthony Franciosa as “Mr. Keene.”

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