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Metropolitan Diary: An arrival in New York City, with help from the police

Published: November 7, 2010

Dear Diary:
My 10-year-old cat, Buddy, and I had just arrived on the Lower East Side
after a seven-day cross-country drive. The closest parking spot to my new city
home was three blocks away. Buddy hated the cat carrier, and I didn’t want
to use it.

After hauling over a suitcase, I wondered how my cat, which had spent its
life exploring California palm trees and chasing after squirrels and birds,
would react to my carrying him over noisy city sidewalks. Could I hold on to
him, or would he claw his way free and make a dash for it?

A nearby police officer was ticketing an illegally parked car, as his
partner watched from their patrol car. Could they, I asked, give my cat and me a

They could, indeed. And so Buddy and I climbed into the back seat,
accompanied home by two of New York’s finest.
What a welcome to the big city! Joseph Hanania

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